What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

At the Heieck Law Center, we pride ourselves on excellent client representation and we make it an utmost priority to provide you with the high quality service that you should expect and deserve when dealing with any legal matter.

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Wow what an experience. My husband and I got some terrible news and needed to get our affairs in order. We were in need of assistance and not sure where to start. We were referred to Attorney Carrie Heieck and she was simply amazing to work with. She took the time to explain everything thoroughly and made sure we understood every step of the way. She was very, kind, caring and professional with our needs.

Paulette G., Carlsbad, CA

Estate Planning Client

A close friend of ours passed away unexpectedly which was when my wife and I realized we didn’t have any of our affairs in order.  Being a very frugal person I thought I could get one of those “do it yourself” estate plan packets until I realized the complexity of it. So my wife and I decided to find a true expert to handle this extremely important task for us and through a mutual friend we were referred to the Heieck Law Center. Attorney Carrie Heieck is very knowledgeable and professional and walked us through the process of understanding our options and deciding upon a living trust, powers of attorney and health care directives.  I feel a great sense of relief knowing that when I pass, my wife and children will be provided for.

Joseph B., Carlsbad, CA

Estate Planning Client

Carrie Heieck has been the attorney for my business for the last four years.  Our business was doing well and we decided to expand through franchising. Originally, we hired a big firm to help us franchise but after $30,000 in legal fees and six months, we had less than half a franchise disclosure document and it was still filled with errors – as if the attorneys weren’t even listening.  Carrie jumped in, finished the job without a hitch and we now have nine franchises in six states and counting.  She also renegotiated our lease with our landlord saving us thousands of dollars per month.  We regularly go to her for trademark infringement and franchisee issues, to review and draft contracts, and even to advise on employee issues.  Carrie is professional and a pleasure to work with.

Tim Y., Carlsbad, CA

Franchising and Licensing Client

My wife and I are young and healthy with three beautiful children. We have life insurance policies to take care of each other and the kids if we die. So when my wife suggested we do an estate plan, I wasn’t in a rush. But we travel a lot and my wife told me that if we both died in an accident, our kids could become wards of the state. That got my attention. Our friends recommended Heieck Law Center. Carrie included a nomination for a guardian of our children in our estate plan and made the process comfortable and easier than I imagined. It’s like a weight has been lifted because I know if something happens to my wife and I, our kids will be taken care of.

Matt F., Del Mar, CA

Estate Planning Client

I got married because I was pregnant and realized quickly that my husband was abusive.  Heieck Law Center helped me get a restraining order against my ex husband, full custody of my son, child support, spousal support, and even got my ex-husband to pay my attorney fees.  I am so grateful to have found Carrie.  She has helped me through some really rough times and has fought hard for my son and me.

Gina N., Oceanside, CA

Family Law Client


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