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Business Law Attorney

Business Law Attorney

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”
– Peter Drucker

Don’t Leave Your Business Vulnerable

Despite recent economic downturns, the American Dream is alive and well in the United States. We are a nation whose economy is fueled by the engine of small and medium sized businesses and a strong and enduring spirit of entrepreneurship. However, no matter how strong your work ethic or how great your business plan or idea is, a business must be properly formed and structured to succeed. Between our extremely complex tax code and our litigious society, if you do not seek the guidance of a San Diego business attorney in structuring your business, you leave it vulnerable and exposed to huge tax and lawsuit liability.  A successful business becomes a target for competitors, unscrupulous clients or employees, and those trying to unlawfully use your intellectual property for their own profits.  Cease and desist letters are the first step in protecting your valuable IP.  Every business, large or small, needs an effective business attorney to turn to for sage counsel and quick, strong action when needed.

Business succession planning is also a big concern for San Diego business owners wanting to ensure that their business is still successful and properly run with the departure/death of key officers, and/or directors and that an owner’s interests may pass to his/her heirs without it destroying the business in the process. Buy-sell and shareholder agreements are also necessary to protect the owners and the company in the event of a merger, acquisition, and/or stock or asset purchase of the business.

Startup Business Attorney

Businesses also go through stages from startup to growth and beyond and must reevaluate and restructure to plan for and accommodate their growth during each stage of development. A skilled San Diego business attorney is essential in protecting and growing your business through all of its stages. We will work with you craft the best plan to position you and your business for maximum success and profits. Conveniently located in Carlsbad, California and serving all of San Diego County.



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